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Windows: missing winutils

Error: Could not locate executable null\bin\winutils.exe in the Hadoop binaries

Cause: The winutils.exe executable can not be found.
Download hadoop winutils binaries (e.g
Extract binaries for desired hadoop version into folder (e.g. hadoop-2.8.1\bin)
set HADOOP_HOME evironment variable (e.g. HADOOP_HOME=…\hadoop-2.8.1).
Note that the binary files need to be located at %HADOOP_HOME%\bin!

Windows: /tmp/hive is not writable

Solution: Change to %HADOOP_HOME%\bin and execute winutils chmod 777 /tmp/hive.

Resources not copied

Symptom: Tests fail due to missing or outdated resources or the execution starts but can not find the feeds specified. IntelliJ might not copy the resource files to the target directory.

Solution: Execute the maven goal resources:resources (mvn resources:resources) manually after you changed any resource file.

Maven compile error: tools.jar

Error Message: Could not find artifact at specified path ...

Context: Hadoop/Spark has a dependency on the tools.jar file which is installed as part of the JDK installation.

Possible Reasons:

  1. Your system does not have a JDK installed (only a JRE).
    • Fix: Make sure a JDK is installed and your PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables are pointing to the JDK installation.
  2. You are using a Java 9 JDK or higher. The tools.jar has been removed in JDK 9. See:
    • Fix: Downgrade your JDK to Java 8.